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Our Services

Many pets go through unnecessary, invasive surgeries for conditions that don't need it. Explore our categories below to see if your pet could benefit from our safe, noninvasive solutions.


Cancer Treatment

We offer High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy which is a form of internal radiation therapy that allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered directly to the tumor with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues. 

Nose Disease

We get your pet breathing  better than ever by offering the following solutions:

- Tumor & polyp removal

- Foreign body removal

- Fungal treatment

- Chronic rhinitis treatment

- Radiation therapy

- BOAS treatment

- And more!

Liver Disease

We offer the following services for treating liver disease:

- Laparoscopic liver biopsy

- Chronic liver disease treatment

Bladder & Urinary Care

Bladder and urinary issues can be very painful for your pet. We offer the following:

- Bladder and urethral stone removal

- Bladder and urethral tumor resection

- Urethral and ureteral stent placement

- And more!

Airway & Lung Disease

We help your pet's lungs and airways function properly with the following solutions:

- Endoscopic sampling of airways for disease diagnosis

- Chronic cough treatment

- Bronchial foreign body removal

- And more!​

Ear Disease

Ear diseases can be very uncomfortable and painful for your pet. We offer the following:

- Foreign body removal

- Tumor & polyp removal

- Endoscopic minimally invasive middle ear treatment

Stomach & Intestinal Disease

We offer the following solutions for stomach & intestinal disease:

- Endoscopic biopsies for disease diagnosis

- Chronic gastrointestinal disease treatment

- Gastric foreign body removal

- And more!

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